First, let’s perform a free bespoke audit.

Then, you decide which one of our plans below suits your needs.
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€150 / hr

Perfect for small-scale projects or express consultation

Full project management
Real-time progress report
One month free support after launch

Monthly Consultation

€100 / hr

Ideal for single digital marketing channels optimisation

10-hours team training per month
Up to 2 Quarters commitment
Real-time progress report
One month free support after launch
Full documentation provided

Annual Consultation

€80 / hr

The most preferred choice for full digital marketing mastery

Full hand-holding process
10-hours team training per month
Real-time progress report
3 months free support after launch
Full documentation provided
Strategy plan for next year


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For specialised in-house training or multi-channel projects

Full NDA commitment
Versatile time management
24 hrs support
Director-level engagement


What is the difference between the Monthly and Annual plans?

After we perform the audit, we propose a plan of action based on the audit’s results. If that requires our involvement for a period of more than 6-months, it is clear we need to invest a lot of effort from both sides; hence, a yearly plan is drafted.

To provide a clear example, a proper full-scale SEO strategy, in order to be implemented, mastered in-house and provide actual results, needs more than 6-months; thus, a yearly plan is preferred. On the other hand, how to efficiently setup Facebook Business Manager and run ads properly, requires one to two quarters; so, a monthly-based plan will be proposed.

Both plans, Monthly and Annual, offer the same exact level of commitment. The extra benefits from the Annual plan rest on the level of support and strategic planning — after the project is finished.

Can I signup for a 6-month plan?

Sure you can. This is the maximum monthly plan commitment for us, specially reserved for projects or marketing channels that require the extra effort to keep on going.

Can I change my plan on the way?

Yes. It is totally understandable that things might not go as planned internally for a myriad different reasons, so we offer the facility to switch plans if necessary.

Do you use specific partners for each marketing channel?

All of us have preferences, but we tend to work with what the client already has or is best for them to use. We do evangelize for example the use of Business Manager for Facebook Ads, but if your team is using HubSpot for that, we will adapt to that scenario.

To be extra-specific, we wouldn’t have any issue helping on managing your Instagram feed through HubSpot,, or HootSuite. Similarly, we have used almost a dozen different Email Marketing platforms (including custom-made systems), so rest assured that we know how to navigate through turbulent waters.

What support do you offer after launch?

In our experience, no matter how good the training or the documentation was, hands-on experience always gives birth to questions never voiced during training or project development.

We completely understand that.

And that is exactly why we offer a period of free support after each project is finished, so that the client and its team can come back to us with questions to be answered, a chance to re-train, or even to perform some necessary improvements. Don’t worry, we got your back.

Will you sign an agreement not to work with my competitors?

Depending on the situation, yes. It all boils down to the exact parameters, like locality, range of services and time period.

Another extra we offer is accepting to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you, so your precious data is safeguarded and 100% safe.

Let’s talk about your idea.

We live and breathe digital marketing. Our browser tabs need extra monitors to stack properly. We would be ultra-excited to use this knowledge, on your projects.